Passage to Debut, Indonesia - Day 4

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Steve & Chris
Thu 20 Jul 2017 06:18
07:30.631S 133:49.226E

Thursday 20th July 2017

24-hour run: 153 nm
Total distance run: 537

Making good time. Nights are very dark with a last quarter cresent moon not coming out until 0400-ish, then battling to show any light through the thick cloud cover. No fishing boats or nets last night, thank goodness. Gave a ride to a very tired and raggedy looking Black Noddy who thanked us by pooping all over the deck. Had a visit from a pod of small dolphins who played in the bow wave for a while. Steve was caught by surprise by a flying fish that landed on his foot in the cockpit. Finally got around to taking down the Aussie courtesy flag - didn't think the Indonesians would be too impressed if we arrived with it still up! Just over a hundred nmiles left to go.