Lautoka bus trip

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Steve & Chris
Mon 14 Sep 2015 21:42

Monday 14th September 2015


Rod and Mary needed to stock up on some fresh produce and were taking the bus into Lautoka this morning, so we went along for the ride.  The bus comes along the dirt road to Saweni Bay at 0800, so we needed to dinghy ashore quite early to make sure we caught it – the next one is not until 1030.  Failing that, it is a very long and hot walk up to the main road to catch any of the buses going into Lautoka.  No problem though, we were there on time and so was the bus – the Classic Bus, no less, the very vehicle that had eluded us at Lautoka bus station a few weeks ago.


When we saw how long the dirt road was, we realised why Rod was keen not to miss the bus!  In twenty minutes we were approaching Lautoka, and we got off the bus just before the town centre to go into Rod & Mary’s favourite wine store.  They did indeed have some decent wines at reasonable prices, and I was really pleased to find some Californian White Zinfandel which I haven’t seen for ages, so we chose and paid for a mixed case, leaving them for collection on the way back in a taxi.


By 1030 we had completed all shopping, picked up our wine and were being dropped back at Saweni beach by a very friendly and helpful taxi driver. 


m_P9140682.jpg                m_P9140683.jpg

The dirt road ran past several farms.


m_P9140684.jpg                m_P9140687.jpg

Livestock seemed to wander free.                                                                             The mountains of Viti Levu seen along the main road into town.


m_P9140688.jpg                m_P9140691.jpg

Some neat houses and gardens as we enter Lautoka.                                     The Bounty Rum factory on the outskirts.


m_P9140694.jpg                m_P9140695.jpg

No problem with communications here!                                                                Typical small shops in Naviti Street, the main shopping strip.