State Library of New South Wales

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Steve & Chris
Sun 20 Dec 2015 19:35

Sunday 20th December 2015


Another beautiful day, and we set off once more to explore.  First stop – the State Library of New South Wales, which occupies an imposing building overlooking the Royal Botanic Gardens on the corner of Macquarie Street.


m_IMG_7327.jpg                m_IMG_7328.jpg

The grand facade of the State Library of New South Wales.


m_IMG_7329.jpg            m_IMG_7331.jpg

Statue of Matthew Flinders, who charted much of Australia’s coastline, and behind him on the windowsill, Trim, his cat.


m_IMG_7339.jpg                m_IMG_7341.jpg

The main entrance hall to the State library – the Tasman map of Australia.



The main reading hall.


Inside the State Library are a couple of exhibition halls and here we found one entitled ‘What a Life’,  an exhibition of rock photographer Tony Mott’s work.  Sheffield-born Mott had stumbled into photography whilst working as a chef, and had made a good living at it, photographing many of the top pop stars for promotional materials, magazines and album covers.   We spent a happy hour peering at his work, picking out the artists we knew, and marvelling at some of his shots.


m_IMG_7336.jpg           m_IMG_7337.jpg

Railway carriage from Tony Mott’s house, used in many of his photos of pop stars.         A  poser...



...and another.