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Steve & Chris
Tue 4 Aug 2009 18:44
Tuesday 4th August 2009
After Rachel & Alan left on Saturday, we decided to stock up on essentials and head back to Ormos Panormos to spend a couple of days just lazing around.  So that's what we did. 
The weather had settled down at last, and so we found a good spot in the anchorage, got ourselves anchored and tied back with two lines, and there we stayed just enjoying being there.  We were kept company by a group of firemen who were camped out in the woods and on the tiny piece of beach.  There had been a forest fire shortly after we left there last time, and they were on standby in case it broke out again.  We could hear a chainsaw somewhere in the woods and there were fire hoses laid out ready for use.  Apart from a couple of sleeping bags, we couldn't see any home comforts and it wasn't until the last day that they built a makeshift tent to give themselves some shade.  They were very much 'on watch', day and night, and only on the last day did they have a swim, when it appeared that they must have been told to stand down.
We will stay for tonight and then tomorrow we will go to Skopelos Town, for two reasons - 1) we liked it when we visited briefly with Rachel & Alan and would like to see more and 2) there is some blowy weather coming on Wednesday night/Thursday and the harbour there will be more sheltered than this anchorage.