The (second) one that got away...

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Steve & Chris
Tue 21 May 2013 01:04
10:01.503S 135:12.174W

Monday 20th May 2013

Distance run so far: 2595
Distance run Day 19: 131
Total distance run: 2726 nmiles

Yesterday's squalls died away in the evening, leaving just one or two in the night that left us alone. Today has been sunny with lots of cloud, but so far the squalls have stayed away. The GRIB files show there's more to come, so we'll just enjoy the break while we can.

With impeccable timing, the fishing rod started to squeal just as we were about to serve lunch, and we're not sure what was on the line, but it was most certainly BIG! Steve had trouble pumping the line, and more than once I thought the fish was going to reel him in instead! Eventually, after a clash of wills and strength, the line went slack. Probably for the best, said Steve, with a look of some relief which turned into a broad smile as he realised that the fish had very kindly left the lure on the line. As the last one had taken everything away with it, this was a bonus. The line is still out and we're hoping for better results later...

Meanwhile we sail on towards Fatu Hiva, now some 180 nmiles away. At this speed we are likely to arrive late tomorrow evening and will have to reduce sail to slow down to arrive the next morning. The forecast is for the wind to drop tomorrow, though, so we may slow down anyway. This is our second day of running dead downwind and the twin headsails are doing a wonderful job. So much so, that Rod has adapted his rig on Sheer to mimic it, and they have found it a revelation. Not only is the rolling of their boat reduced, but more importantly they are able to hold the required course. They are much happier bunnies.

Time to pop some corn and settle down for sundowners.