30,000 nautical miles...

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Steve & Chris
Wed 20 Nov 2013 20:27

Tuesday 19th November 2013


.....since we left Plymouth on 1 June 2008, we make safe landfall in Opua, New Zealand.  That’s a lot of sailing! 


m_IMG_2949.jpg                m_IMG_2951.jpg

The New Zealand coastline emerges in the early morning light.                   Skipper cooks up a hearty breakfast as we enter the Bay of Islands.


m_IMG_2961.jpg                m_IMG_2958.jpg

We pass the Paihia to Russell passenger ferry.                                                    The NZ courtesy flag and yellow ‘Q’ flag flying ready for our landfall.



m_IMG_2962.jpg                m_IMG_2964.jpg

Celebrating safe landfall in the Scott-Free time-honoured way...               with bacon butties and Bollie (or near and much cheaper equivalent!)


It’s wonderful to be here!