Change of plan

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Steve & Chris
Sun 31 May 2015 03:31
25:53.405S 177:54.482E

Sunday 31st May 2015

Distance run so far: 493nm
24-hour run: 112
Total distance so far: 605 nm

We are now about half-way to Savusavu, but have had to re-think our plans in view of changes in the weather forecast. Winds are now forecast to be very light i.e. 5 knots and unsailable for us for the next week or so. We do not carry enough diesel to motor the whole way, nor the will to listen to the engine for a solid week if we could. This is a change from forecasts as of yesterday, but not unexpected.

We put in more easting at the beginning of the trip in case of a change, and are now glad of it, as it means we can divert to Minerva Reef, some 230 nmiles north east of our current position. It means motoring for two days to get there, unless we get some wind from somewhere, and then we can park up and wait for the wind to fill in between Minerva and Fiji. Rod & Mary have decided to do the same, even though they have more than enough diesel to motor the whole way, and have very kindly offered to transfer us their spare diesel in Minerva in case of need for the onward leg. We should still have some in reserve, but not enough if we should need to motor the whole way, so we are very grateful to our friends for their offer.

With the light winds over Minerva we hope for a comfortable stay there, with sunshine, warmth and sleep!