Day 13 landfall in Malta

Scott-Free’s blog
Steve & Chris
Fri 23 Jul 2010 11:06
35:51N 14:54.5E
Friday 23rd July
Log 8092
Distance run in 24 hours 103
Total distance run 1250
Having decided we could now afford to motor the last 50 miles or so, the wind picked up and gave us a hearty 11-12 knots, and it seemed a fitting end to our longest passage yet to sail the last leg into Valetta. 
The radio had been chuntering away in the background throughout the trip and we had taken little notice of it, when suddenly we heard "Scott-Free, Scott-Free, Scott-Free, this is Serafina, Serafina, over."   We hastened to answer, and on switching to another channel then heard "Scott-Free, Scott-Free this is Apparition"!  Having heard nothing from anyone for a week, we were suddenly in demand!  Rob & Sarah had apparently been calling every day in the hope of hearing from us,and Rico & Jackson on Appariton were just, by chance, arriving in Malta at the same time as us and heard their call.  It was great to have contact again with both of them.
We finally arrived in Valetta harbour mid-afternoon and it was good to see Rob & Sarah on the pontoon to welcome us in.  We were soon tied up and broke out the bubbly to celebrate a successful, if rather longer than expected, passage.