back to the Lanzarote sunshine

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Steve & Chris
Mon 8 Nov 2010 00:23
The trip home was the usual round of visits to friends and family, catching up with news, as well as more mundane tasks such as visits to opticians to order replacements for broken/lost glasses.  The pile of boat stuff we had ordered to bring back with us nearly filled Kerrie's back bedroom, and included among other things a folding bicycle and a metre and a half long wifi antenna!  The bike was already booked onto our Easyjet flight back, but the antenna would be a challenge!
We miss all the kids when we are away, and we particularly miss the grandchildren because they just won't wait for us to get back to start growing up.  Every time we see them they seem a head taller and are such lovely company we could happily spend our whole visit with them. 
But the time flies by and all too soon we were on the plane back to the boat.  The wifi antenna wasn't a problem-  we must have had the chattiest, most helpful member of staff Easyjet employ, and she tried all ways to juggle our luggage around but in the end we had to pay for another item of hold baggage.  And although we were nervous about the 'FRAGILE' sticker, believing it could be an invitation rather than a warning, the antenna arrived in perfect nick the other end.  The taxi driver looked at our pile of luggage in amazement, shaking his head and muttering something about 'muchas,muchas cosas', but we arrived back at the boat safely with everything intact.
Now to get all the new stuff fitted or stowed, and on to Tenerife.