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Steve & Chris
Thu 26 May 2016 21:51

Thursday 26th May 2016


After Don the electrician had spent an hour checking out our electrics on board, it became apparent that the problem was in fact with the socket on the pontoon.  Although this was annoying, we were actually relieved to find that the boat didn’t have a problem after all.  Having moved our power lead to a different socket, Steve and Don went to speak to the guys in the office.  They agreed to fix the wiring on the pontoon and to reimburse us the cost of Don’s labour.  So all good.


With that problem out of the way, we decided to take a drive to the North Coast Regional Botanic Gardens in town.  The garden covers 20 hectares and is surrounded on three sides by Coffs Creek, a wide, mangrove-lined tidal estuary.  We strolled around the five kilometres of paths and boardwalks, taking in the colours and smells, and enjoying recognising some familiar plants and seeing some interesting new ones.


m_IMG_1422.jpg                m_IMG_1429.jpg

‘Morning kiss’ otherwise known as the ‘Musical Note’ plant.                       Dwarf Chinese Lantern


m_IMG_1427.jpg                m_IMG_1441 (2).jpg

A bird of paradise, labelled as a ‘Bird Tongue flower’.                                     No prizes for guessing this one.


m_IMG_1442 (2).jpg                m_IMG_1453.jpg

Or this one.                                                                                                                         The only flower in the lily pond.


m_IMG_1432.jpg                m_IMG_1434.jpg

Epiphytes growing on a fallen tree.


m_IMG_1437.jpg           m_IMG_1438.jpg

Steve attempting to tell the time on this analemmatic sundial by standing on the month of May.


m_IMG_1439.jpg                m_IMG_1436.jpg

Unfortunately it was a cloudy day, so no shadow to tell us the time.


m_IMG_1443.jpg           m_IMG_1444.jpg

The bromeliad section of the glasshouses.                                                            And the orchids.


m_IMG_1449.jpg                m_IMG_1454.jpg

Elephant apple (India)                                                                                                   A splash of colour from another familiar plant.