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Steve & Chris
Tue 11 May 2010 16:17
We knew yesterday afternoon that the engine would not be fixed until today as a part was needed for the filter, so we forgot about it and enjoyed the bay.  We swam off a little beach and chilled out until early evening,and then took the rib across to Göcek.  We were enticed into a waterfront restaurant by the promise of 4-lire beers and 10% off the bill, and were not disappointed.  After some cold meze we all tucked into enormous casseroles which were delicious.  
No Pete, just because you've already finished yours....                                Cheers!
An attempt at an artisitc shot- well I did say attempt!
The rib ride back to the boat was interesting as we wove our way between the mooring buoys,but we were soon back on board for a nightcap.
This morning Pete & Mary took the rib back into town and we waited on board for the return of the mechanics with our bits of engine.  Karma Daze, a boat we had met in Marmaris which is also on the Rally arrived and moored next to us and Chris and Penny joined us for coffee.  Pete & Mary arrived back with some lovely fresh bread for lunch. The mechanics did not put in an appearance until 4p.m., but the engine is now purring nicely again.  In the end the fuel pump was fine and it appears that a huge crack in the top of the secondary filter (which we had never as yet used) was allowing air into the system so the pump couldn't do its work.  As it was after 5 by the time they left, we have decided to stay put tonight as the Rally boats will all be arriving here tomorrow.  We will probably go out for a drive around to check the engine and to get some diesel in the morning and be back in our berth ready for the arrival of the Rally.
Steve is on galley duty and is knocking up a chilli con carne as I write, and the rest of the crew are working hard at draining their G&T's and watching the sun slowly dip behind the hills.