Day motor to Kentar Island

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Steve & Chris
Wed 11 Oct 2017 21:08

0:03.121N 104:45.348E


Wednesday 11th October 2017


Distance run: 28 nm


We are thinking of changing our SV (of SV Scott-Free) to MV (Motor Vessel) as we haven’t had a sail out at all today.  Not even the dark clouds brought enough wind to sail by.  The engine is dong a marvellous job of keeping us going, and fortunately diesel (or solar as it is called here) is relatively cheap at about 60p a litre.  Just as well, really, because we’ve certainly notched up a few engine hours of late.


We arrived at Kentar Island around lunchtime, and at first weren’t sure if we would be able to anchor here.  The bay seemed to be full of fishing platforms leaving no swinging room for anchored boats.  However, once we had edged our way around them we found plenty of room between them and the shore, and dropped the anchor.


m_IMG_0073.jpg                m_IMG_0074.jpg

We went to take a closer look at a fishing platform and found a friendly chap on board.  It seems this one is a floating platform at anchor.



The struts are lashed together with string. Empty oil drums keep it afloat.


m_IMG_0070.jpg                m_IMG_0075.jpg

The fisherman gave Sue a sample of his catch    .                                               Tiny fish, like whitebait, that get salted.