James's last day

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Steve & Chris
Wed 6 Jun 2012 20:30

Wednesday 6th June 2012


Today was James’s last day with us, and Des has very kindly offered to take us out for a ride around the south of the island, which we didn’t see much of on our tour, and then back to his house for lunch before exploring further and finding a nice little place for sundowners.


He picked us up at the marina and we set off on a drive that took us past some enormous houses, some of them seeming to hover on the edge of a cliff or to cling precariously to the side of an extremely steep hill.  Grand as they were, behind their carefully kept front gardens, they all seemed very cut off from the rest of the island, and indeed, a long way from their next-door neighbours.


Then we were shown around Des & Wilma’s lovely house and Des prepared an extremely tasty lunch (I managed to wheedle his chicken recipe out of him in the car later!)  It was my first taste of breadfruit, which is quite similar to potato but with a drier texture.  And although warned that the home-made chilli sauce might be too hot, James really enjoyed it, despite breaking out into a sweat whilst eating it! 


m_P6060083.jpg                           m_P6060090.jpg

James and Steve on the verandah                                                                                            and with Des on the front steps of his house. 


Back in the car we toured a little more of the south coast, taking a look at Grenada Marine’s boatyard before ending up at Le Phare Bleu which is a resort and marina in one of the bays.  We had been told of this marina but had discounted it as a place to stay when told of the swells that run into the bay, and indeed the boats and the pontoons there were doing a merry dance, even though the seas outside the bay didn’t look too bad.


We relaxed for a while in the beachside bar with a bucket of cold beers and watched the crabs scuttling along the beach.  Reluctantly, because this was James’s last evening, we finally made our way back to the boat, thanked Des and bade him a good night as he took a raincheck on a nightcap.              


Steve & James played a decider game of cribbage – the tournament had been going on all fortnight and try as I  might I could not get a straight answer about who was winner!