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Wed 27 May 2009 16:05
40:11N 26:23.9E
Wednesday 27th May 2009
Having hauled up the anchor in Bozcaada we discovered why it had dragged - it had a piece of fishing net wrapped around it with a large stone inside which would have made it very hard to dig in.  Typical - these things only happen when they will cause the most hassle!
We motored for all of the next leg to Çannakale, against both wind and current.  Çannakale is in the Dardanelles, the narrow stretch of water that leads from the Aegean into the Sea of Marmara (see the Google map) and there is a strong South-flowing current. At one point our boat speed was 6+knots but we were doing only 2knots over the ground.  (For our non-sailing friends, imagine walking up a down escalator!!) 
With the boat safely tied up, we went for a walk into town and booked a half-day trip next day to the Gallipoli peninsula.  Nick was particularly keen to go because his grandfather had been at the Gallipoli landings.
Anzac Cove - the site of the Anzac landings                                Lone Pine - the high ground that many soldiers on both sides died for
Moving...such a waste of young lives
It was an interesting and moving afternoon.  There are many sites on the Gallipoli peninsula with memorials and cemeteries for the Allied soldiers.  We saw just one for the Turkish soldiers, the main Turkish War Memorial being the one that stands on the tip of the peninsula as you enter the Dardanelles.