Christmas at sea

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Steve & Chris
Sat 25 Dec 2010 16:56
16:45.349N 33:52.697W
Saturday 25th December 2010
Distance run in 24 hours:  130
Total distance run:  523
Distance left: 1520
Christmas Day dawned bright and sunny and we suspect a whole lot warmer than back at home.  The wind had picked up in the night and we were sailing along at a good speed, albeit with a little more North in our heading than preferred.  
Steve had a bit of a fright in the night, when a flying fish lost its way and landed in the cockpit right on his bare feet!  Having danced around trying to find out what it was, he eventually managed to get hold of it and throw it back into the sea.  It was not such a happy ending for the one that landed on the deck!
The flying fish have been the only wildlife we have seen for a couple of days.  The dolphins seem to have deserted us. 
Anyway, it being Christmas Day, we had the pleasure of speaking to the family via the satphone and wishing them a Happy Christmas.  They all sounded well and in good spirits and pleased with what Santa brought them.  We thought we might tune into the Queen on the BBC but then forgot.  I'm sure she won't mind just this once. 
Mid-morning we enjoyed our usual festive glass of Buck's Fizz, and we later ate our Christmas lunch of steak in the cockpit, having pulled the crackers donated by Sarah on Serafina and donning our party hats.  (Actually Steve didn't don his party hat because it blew overboard before he had a chance to!)
The excitement of Christmas over with for another year, we settled down to enjoy the view...
Whichever way you look it's sea and sky...
The Christmas tree                                                                                    The Christmas bubbly
Not quite turkey and trimmings, but delicious just the same.