Walk to Paihia

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Steve & Chris
Fri 29 Nov 2013 20:04

Friday 29th November 2013


Jobs are slowly being ticked off on the boat, and we have riggers coming next week to replace a few worn bits, so we are staying put here for another week before moving off down to Whangarei.


We had heard that there is a lovely coastal walk into Paihia from here, so as the weather was good we decided to get off the boat and have a tramp into town for lunch.  It was a lovely walk along a track on the cliffsides, sometimes at sea level on the beach, sometimes along a boardwalk, but mostly on a mud track which threaded sometimes uphill, sometimes down, through trees and bushes, with benches set at appropriate points for a rest and to take in the wonderful views over the bay.  The last bit into Paihia was along the beach or the road– fortunately the tide was out so we were able to take the beach option.


m_IMG_3007.jpg                m_IMG_3009.jpg

View over the Bay of Islands                                                                                       Boardwalk through swampy area


m_IMG_3011.jpg                m_IMG_3012.jpg

Tide was definitely out as we crossed the bridge over this river                    Another stop to catch our breath and take in the view


m_IMG_3013.jpg                m_IMG_3014.jpg

Down at beach level                                                                                                       Entering Paihia, where small boats anchor off the beach.


It took a little over two hours to get to Paihia where we enjoyed a long, cold beer and a pub lunch before having a wander around the little town and an enormous ice cream.  Then it was time to think about setting off back, but my hips were beginning to complain, so we stood on the side of the road and started thumbing for a lift.  Before not too long a car stopped and a little old lady offered us a ride to the top of Opua hill, which we gratefully accepted.  As we walked down the hill back to the boat we reflected on what a lovely day it had been.  The scenery is absolutely beautiful, and walking in this climate is a pleasure - one which we plan to enjoy much more in the coming months.