Feeding the fish

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Steve & Chris
Tue 4 Aug 2015 18:15

Tuesday 4th August 2015


This morning dawned sunny and calm with just a gentle breeze – the first nice day for a while – so we collected together our snorkelling gear and set off in the dinghy for a sand spit not far from the anchorage, where we had been told there were lots of fish to be seen, especially if you take some bread to feed them.  We were not disappointed; there were hundreds of fish hungry for our bread, and even some that nibbled at us!


m_IMG_6010a.jpg                m_IMG_6011.jpg

The fish were after the bread before Steve could get it out of the bag!


m_IMG_5998.jpg                m_IMG_6001.jpg


m_IMG_5996.jpg                m_IMG_5992.jpg


m_IMG_6004.jpg                m_IMG_6003.jpg


For once our underwater camera worked!