Moyo Island, Sumbawa

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Steve & Chris
Mon 11 Sep 2017 14:52

Monday 11th September 2017


There was no hurry to leave Moyo Island as it would be an overnight passage to Lombok – it was just too far to do in a day sail – and to time our arrival in daylight we needed to leave after lunch.  So we had a leisurely breakfast and sat back watching several of the other boats leave.  We re-checked our mileages and timings just in case we’d miscalculated, but no, all seemed right for an afternoon departure.  We wondered if they knew something we didn’t know, but in the end just decided to stick to our plan and go for a snorkel.


There was not a great deal to see, even though the guide book said there was good diving here, but we enjoyed the swim.  There was a resort on one side of the bay where we might have gone for lunch, but one of the other cruisers had been and said they were not very welcoming of cruisers, and had made them pay a $50 fee before they would let them sit down!  So we gave that a miss and had a quiet lunch on board before lifting the anchor mid-afternoon and setting off for Lombok.