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Wed 15 Sep 2010 17:14
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Wednesday 15th September 2010
We made excellent progress for the first three days of the trip, then the wind dropped on the last day and we made much slower progress, but this didn't matter because we didn't really want to arrive in the dark anyway and the slower speed meant we would arrive next morning in daylight.  About twenty miles from Porto Santo the wind died away and we put the engine on to round the smaller island on its south east corner and make our way into the bay and Porto Santo Marina.
First sighting of Porto Santo in the early morning light.                          Rounding the small islet on the south east corner of Porto Santo
Serafina had continued to sail, albeit at 1.8 knots, to allow us to arrive first for a change!  They said that we always got the better berth when we arrived after them, so they thought they'd give being second to arrive a try - and it seemed to work - they have their own finger pontoon among the other cruising yachts and we are alongside on a hammerhead with a lot of smaller fishing motor boats! 
Scott-Free (middle of picture)                                                            Looking down on Marina, Scott-Free bottom left yacht.
No matter, the marina is sheltered, the staff very helpful and everyone is friendly. It was unusual to be alongside again, but not unwelcome as it means no climbing over the bow!
Yesterday we walked into town along the beach- about half an hour.  The marina is at the end of a bay with a long sandy beach, where the Madeirans apparently come to holiday, and where holidaymakers on Madeira come for a day trip.  It's about 30 miles from Madeira.  We wandered around the small town which is very well-kept and smart, and did some shopping in the long-missed Pingo Doce.
The bay from above the marina.  The jetty is in centre of town.                Enjoying the views.
Today we have been on the tourist coach on a trip around the island.  This was very good value at 6.50 euros.  The coach didn't have air-conditioning - it didn't need it as only the first three rows of seats had a roof!  We enjoyed some lovely views from the high spots of the island before returning to the marina for ice creams.
Tomorrow sees the beginning of three days of Columbus celebrations and we plan to go into town to see 'him' arrive and to join in with the fun.
On Friday we depart for a few days in Madeira.