Back in Grenada

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Steve & Chris
Sat 8 Sep 2012 16:10

12:02.639N 61:44.931W


Saturday 8th September 2012


Distance run: 96 nmiles


We slipped the lines in CrewsInn around 1700 yesterday and headed for the fuel dock to fill up.  The price of diesel for the locals is subsidised and they pay only TT$1.5 per litre, aound 15 pence.  Foreigners, however, have to pay TT$7.3 or 73 pence, but as this is around half the UK price, we weren’t complaining!  We finally headed off into Chaguaramas Bay just after 1800 and with flat seas and no wind we motored out of the Boca and for the next couple of hours until we left the lee of the island behind.  We then hoisted sail and had a lovely overnight sail in 10-15 knots of wind, fairly flat seas and with 2 knots of current pushing us along under a clear starlit sky and waning gibbous moon.


We arrived in St. George’s, Grenada mid-morning and were soon tied up in Port Louis Marina.  It feels good to be back.  Now to catch up on news from Marco & Rachel on Habibi, who, by chance, we are now moored alongside.  And back to the joblist again….