A visit from the Russells

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Steve & Chris
Sun 27 Nov 2016 21:17

Sunday 27th November 2016


Whilst back in the UK we made arrangements to visit Chris and Katie in Winchester.  Both couples having fairly full diaries, we managed to pinpoint one day when we were all available.  However, events took over and Chris & Katie arrived back from a trip to find their home in a state of upheaval left by decorators, and so had to spend that one day trying to sort it out.


“What a shame”, we said.  “Never mind”, they said, “we’ll be in Oz in a couple of weeks’ time, we’ll see you there!”  And so they did!  We lunched in the cockpit as we caught up on each other’s news.  Chris retired recently and it was great to hear all about their travels since then.  They are certainly not sitting around wondering what to do with themselves!  We were so chuffed that they could find the time in their busy schedule to drop by.


After a good old chinwag, it was time for them to make tracks.  They were driving from Brisbane to Sydney, and had booked an overnight stay in Lamington National Park.  Time for a quick photo to record the visit, and we suggested trying out our new selfie stick.  What a laugh!  Trying to get the four of us and the boat into the picture when the sun was shining on the screen and only Chris could see what we were taking was a hoot.  Anyway, this was the best we could come up with...


m_IMG_20161127_162944742.jpg                m_IMG_20161127_163225123.jpg

Steve holding the stick – no good, can hardly see Katie!                                 Chris holding the stick – a bit better – think we need more practice!