A change of plan

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Steve & Chris
Sat 11 Oct 2008 15:28
36:49.766N 28:33.103E
Saturday 11th Marmaris to Ecincik
The plan had been to set off early for a fifty-mile sail along the coast to the Gulf of Fethiye, where there are numerous bays and places to visit in fairly close proximity, where we would spend most of the boys' time here.
However, this plan did not take into account how tired they were after yesterday's travel, and as we didn't have the heart to wake them, we decided to set off later and do a shorter sail to Ekincik instead.  This was just as well, because no sooner had we set off, than James was asleep again!
James sleeping like a baby on the after deck!
We anchored off the beach in Ecincik and took the rib ashore to one of the tavernas for dinner.  The meal was not a memorable one - the place was almost dead, although they seemed to be having more fun in the taverna next door!