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Date: 21 Oct 2012 16:20:00
Title: Spanish Water, Curacao

12:04.765N 68:51.539W


Sunday 21st October 2012


Distance run: 37 nmiles


Ready to leave at 0800, but a huge squall was approaching, so we made another cup of tea and let it pass through.  Just as well – it was very wet!!


Slipped lines at 0940 under grey skies and motored for a couple of hours in next to no wind.  Eventually a few little puffs encouraged us to unfurl the genoa, and very soon the wind filled in giving us 10-12 knots off the starboard quarter.  It wasn’t a fast sail, but it was a comfortable one.


We arrived at Spanish Water, a virtually enclosed lagoon, around 1700, having avoided a man swimming across the narrow entrance channel who seemed oblivious to the 17 tons of boat bearing down upon him!  It was very crowded and we drove around for a while before eventually managing to find a space to anchor.  We are a little close to another boat, but they don’t seem bothered, so we’ll just have to see how we swing.  The water is not clear, so no swimming, but there is a wonderful breeze which will keep us cool and the mozzies away.


Tomorrow we have to get the bus into Willemstad, the main town, to check in with Customs and Immigration.


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