Bozburun, Turkey - > Orhaniye, Turkey

Stephen & Anne
Thu 8 Jun 2017 06:17

36.45.455N 28.07.634E


Tony came over to see if he could help fix the bubble machine. So out came the Carburetor again. Tony could tell there was a problem with it, but couldn’t see what the problem was.


We decided to move on round the corner to Orhanyie. We knew Colin and Nichola (Emerald) were there.


Once we rounded the headland we were able to get the Genoa out and we were stomping along at 4 knots – with no engine. We enjoyed an hour or so sailing.


Sailing with the Genoa out


We met up with Colin and Nichola and arranged a trip out to Marmaris the following day. We hoped we would be able to find a mechanic in Marmaris that could fix the carburetor. So we once again removed the Carburetor from the bubble machine, we are getting quite quick at it now.


The next morning we caught the bus into Marmaris. We nearly got on the school bus, much to the amusement of the kids onboard.


Octopus sculpture in Marmaris


Luckily we found a brilliant Yamaha service place. They could tell there was a problem with the Carburetor, luckily they worked out what was wrong, even more fortuitous was that they had the replacement part in stock. So we left Marmaris with a working Carburetor – yippee.


We spent the afternoon terrorizing the anchorage seeing how fast we could go, now bubble machine was up and running again. Stephen was not happy at the speed we were getting from bubble machine. Humph – I think there might be an ongoing saga with Bubble machine this summer.


The evening was spent onboard Emerald, planning a min road trip to Pamukale.