Stephen & Anne
Tue 30 Oct 2007 16:47

38:41.606N 9:24.975W


Today’s blog is written by Yoyo as mum and dad are in bed ill.


On Tuesday 30th, the day started normally. Mum felt a bit ill but dad was ok. They went to the local hypermarket. As there were buying lots of tuna for us both, they managed to arrange a home delivery of everything. We heard on the local cat vine that they, as usual, caused chaos in the hypermarket. The clue was when the check out girl stopped other people using her till as this would take a long time.


Eventually they managed to arrange for a lorry load of tuna to be delivered to the marina and not their uk address.


Eventually at 7pm the lorry arrived. There must have been massive amounts of tuna inside as it had 3 guys to deliver it all. I, Yoyo, greeted everyone and sniffed every bag. There was lots of water, wine, engine oil, engine coolant, a new vacuum cleaner (Koshka is already trying to work out how to throw I overboard), tonic, some cat grass for us to eat, some food for mum and dad to eat…but only 3 small tins of tuna. I mean all those boxes and only 3 tins of tuna!


I meeoowed like mad but mum said I couldn’t have any tuna as I’ve now associated shopping bags with tuna.


We all went to bed early as mum and dad were both ill by now (with colds we think).