Lagos: Carol Singing

Stephen & Anne
Thu 13 Dec 2007 09:05

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


Today the Wandering Dragon sweatshop, once again, opened up for business and Anne started making the cockpit cushions. We did go for a walk into town first for a few bits and pieces. So at least Anne got to see some sunlight.


In the evening we joined with some other marina bound Lagos sailors and went Carol singing around the marina and bars – and we were sober! We also collected money for the local orphanage. Although it was just a bit of fun, we ended up raising over 250 euros. We are now feeling a bit more festive. We keep forgetting how close Christmas is with the weather being so warm and sunny.


After the singing we all went to the local bar for a well deserved drink!. We met one couple who have succumbed to Velcro Lagos marina – they arrived in 2000 and are still here. We really need to leave in spring. They came back to Wandering Dragon for a drink (and to have a look round. Boaties are all very nosey so when we get the opportunity to look round a different type of boat we jump at it).


After they left Stephen asked where Yoyo was. After looking around and calling we realised she was no longer down below. So we opened the hatch and called – she came bounding back. She had managed to creep out undetected while we were saying goodnight to our guests.