Cagliari: Koshka's Blog

Stephen & Anne
Wed 16 Jun 2010 17:16

39.12.065N 9.07.517E


Hello to all my readers, it’s Koshka here. I decided it had been a while since I wrote a blog so here goes.


The other day Yoyo and I got a bit fed up being onboard so decided to go for a walk on the pontoon. We inspected the other boats. I’ve decided we ought to have a motor boat as they look really cool. There is one three boats away which I tried to reach via boat jumping. I got tantalisingly close but couldn’t quite work out how to get onboard. I’ll keep dreaming about it and maybe one day I’ll get there.


Mum & Dad have been busy working on the boat getting ready to set sail. Mum went up the mast a few times. The first time was to check all was OK. Then after some discussion about the stay sail she went up again to take some photo’s and measurements. Apparently they sometimes have a problem called halyard wrap that they are trying to overcome. As a boaty cat I can now explain exactly what this means…as soon as I have had a quick sleep.


Yoyo and I can now play Cat’s cradle. Mum and Dad have put all the ropes back where they should be ready for sailing so there are lots of ropes to jump over on the deck.


The weather has been mixed. We have had some lovely warm days when Yoyo and I just sleep because it’s too hot. Some days are still very windy with thunder and lightening. The weather does seem to be doing lots of funny things at the moment – I wonder if that is why we haven’t left yet. I have to say everyone does seem to be very frustrated we are still here. Apparently all we need is a 48 hour period where the wind and swell stays roughly in same direction.


Mum and Dad have been busy with lots of other jobs too, washing & cleaning the bilges to store wine (we think it should be for cat food instead but we can’t get them to understand that). They spent a few hours making the boat smelly when the transferred the diesel from one tank to another - something to do with needing all the fuel in one tank so we have enough to get to Tunisia where the fuel is cheap and to clean the empty tank.


We think mum and dad like making the boat smelly at the moment. Today they fixed a black water pipe that was clogged up with calcium. Personally I think litter trays are much easier – obviously I’m protecting ours at the moment in case mum and dad get any ideas on using it!


Finally mum has been making some more cockpit cushions – I don’t like the bean bag ones as they make too much noise as I sleep on them.





Yoyo & I promenading on the pontoon


Dad got in on the act too!!



One of Mum’s shots from up the mast.


Oh…nearly forgot – Halyard wrap is …zzzzzzzzz