Stephen & Anne
Wed 26 Mar 2008 19:46

36:08.940N 5:21.304W


This morning we started on jobs round the boat. Stephen put in new LED lights in the engine room, while Anne started on some canvas work to protect things from the sun. Stephen then went to the chandlery to find out when the engineer was due to visit us to look at our gear box leak. Lucky he went, the faxed job sheet had got mangled in the fax so we would have been waiting quite a while.


After lunch we made sure we were ready for the engineer. The engineer found the gear box leak along with a leak in the coolant system (caused by the fan belt rubbing against a pipe). He will be back tomorrow with re-enforcements to start on the repairs. If all goes well he can repair the gear box without removing it (a large and expensive job). At least we know where the water is coming into the engine room (a problem we had being trying to solve since leaving Ipswich).


Today the swell was very bad as we had high winds blowing in. We did have a large ship protecting us but it moved on. Wanda really does feel as though we are sailing along. The cats aren’t happy either. Tomorrow is forecast for more of the same, but hopefully all will be back to normal on Friday.