Carloforte (Sardinia, Italy)

Stephen & Anne
Fri 15 Aug 2008 07:55

39.08.800N 8.18.693E


Last night we went to bed early. We have no idea if there was any noise as we were in a deep sleep after the passage.


We had a very lazy start to the day and then went off exploring. We went for a walk around the town – this is a very Italian town. Even the tourist information people spoke no English. We will be learning Italian quickly here.


From earlier blogs you may now realise that Italian food is our favorite and this town is perfectly Italian – small shops selling fresh pasta.


Now the Italians like their all over sun tan – so much so that Stephen got told off by the lady in the office that his face isn’t evenly tanned properly (he has “the mark of the sunglasses”) – and that was on our first day!  Anne will be choosing her clothes carefully from no on to make sure she avoids comments like that.


We spent the evening in tonight, we were still shattered. We sat on deck having a few well deserved drinks and watching the marina world go by and trying to pick up a few tips on driving dinghies by the marina staff. This is a relaxed and friendly marina.


The dinghies used by the marina staff only appear to have an “on” switch - no speed variation. We think they are trying to get their dinghies a 0 – 60 rating. There are different techniques used. One of the staff drives standing up, another sits down and crouches lower to go faster. We’ll try and get some photos of the action tonight.