Stephen & Anne
Wed 31 Oct 2007 11:53

38:41.606N 9:24.975W


Today’s blog is by Koshka the cat.


Today I actually managed to teach mum and dad how to sleep and stay in bed all day!


They were only woken up at lunch time by the Hollingsclough’s Oyster inviting them to the Halloween party. They said no as they were ill – they must be bad not to attend a party with G&T’s. And there was me thinking I’d taught them to sleep all day.


In the afternoon Yoyo was allowed on deck on her own. She spent all afternoon exploring, staring at the people, watching the fish, trying to catch a bird and peering down the hatch at mum and dad. They stayed in bed watching DVD’s and playing computer games. I liked the staying in bed bit the best.


The vacuum cleaner has not been unpacked yet – maybe it doesn’t work (I hope).


Yoyo meowed for tuna like mad (again!) but none appeared. Is there a world shortage?


Finally, mischievous Yoyo has now started drinking water from mum and dads glasses….naughty pussy cat…..