Almerimar: Koshka the Amazing Jumping Cat

Stephen & Anne
Tue 6 May 2008 23:36

36:41.855N 2:47.546W


Koshka here again. Mum and Dad haven’t written for a while so I thought I’d better have a go.


This warm weather is suiting me very well. Mum and Dad haven’t got into the swing of siestas, but most cats live that way naturally. We get up in the morning, have a wander around then sleep, maybe get up at lunch time for a bite to eat, then sleep until the evening when it’s a bit cooler.


Mum and Dad however have been running around washing the decks, doing the laundry (mmm nice clean sheets to put my fur over), feeding cables through conduits and repairing the cooker. The cooker repair involved taking the cooker out which also meant they could give it a good clean behind the cooker. They have been very busy bees over the last few days including going to the supermarket and the chandleries.


Anyway enough about them, what have Yoyo and I been doing.


Well, Yoyo hasn’t been up to much. She’s still a bit upset with the cats around here. So she’s been sleeping and staying down below most of the time. Meanwhile I have been off exploring. Today I got to 5 boats away. Mum and Dad were a bit upset, so I came back. Unfortunately I got caught on camera. My act of not being able to jump is not going to work anymore as I was “caught on camera”. Mostly I spend the time on the boat next to us or on Wanda on guard duty.


Koshka mid flight. Yes it really is Koshka and no he didn’t get wet.

This is the Koshka that sleeps all the time. Now we know what he was dreaming about.