Lagos - Yoyo blogs again

Stephen & Anne
Sat 17 Nov 2007 10:26

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


Today I woke up cold. Then there was some horrible noise so I moved into the saloon where it was quieter. After a short while some hot air started drifting into the boat. I mean I was promised warm sunshine and tuna every day!


Anne (my mum) then filled up with water. I kept well away – I still don’t like water. She then did a quick visit to the local supermarket. I rummaged through her bags on her return – but NO tuna! Is there another world shortage? I then jumped over to the boat next door to see if they had any tuna – the jump didn’t go too well – I made it but scared myself and jumped straight back onboard Wanda. That was too close.


Meanwhile Stephen (my dad) was feeling better but took it easy spending the day doing paperwork (aka playing on the computer).


Mum sorted the forepeak so there was something new for me to explore. She then got out the rolls of the new curtain material. I played around on them so she had to clean my fur off them. We played this game several times. Mum and dad then decided on a new design for the curtains (more rounded at the corners and with a different edge).


Dad cooked tea and gave us a tin of tuna – Koshka didn’t like it so I had it all to myself – yummy!


Finally they watched a DVD (Airplane) and we all went to bed early.