Cagliari: Bus Tickets Part II

Stephen & Anne
Mon 1 Sep 2008 07:50

39.12.072N 9.07.603E


The saga of buying a bus ticket continues. This time we were clever. Armed with the leaflet about buses (in Italian), we asked the Italian person who runs the internet café (and speaks excellent English) which sort of ticket we should buy – we could then simply point at the leaflet – how could we fail! (Anne did try using the dictionary to translate the leaflet but with no success).


He read the leaflet for ages – we explained again we wanted him to translate it – is there a problem? Yes he said, this is written in really bad Italian I don’t understand it! Eventually with his help we worked out which ticket we needed, went to buy the ticket, pointed at the line in the leaflet, and the person selling the tickets spoke perfect English back to us!


We still have problems, now it’s getting off the bus! Obviously with the Italian love of speed, slowing down to stop for people to get on and off is an inconvenience and so needs to be kept to a minimum. We didn’t get to the open doors quickly enough and they were soon closed. After Anne shouting at the driver they were re-opened and we got off where we wanted to be. Maybe we need to practice jumping off and rolling with it!!


On our return there was an ambulance at the marina. Our Dutch neighbour had fallen off the boat and broken his arm. He was back after a few hours, arm in plaster. They were only planning to stay a few days but now it will be several weeks.


We have also being doing a few tourist sites, visiting the archeological museum (so big all the exhibits were a blur as we walked around), national art gallery (so small!), cathedral (brilliant reliefs and paintings) and some other buildings we just wandered into.


In case you are wondering, the weather is still hot every day (30 degrees) and very pleasant in the evenings.



The local council chamber – pretty impressive art work



The cathedral in Cagliari


The Queen Mary visits Cagliari (we think it’s the Queen Mary we weren’t in the right place to read the name)