Stephen & Anne
Sun 4 Nov 2007 10:26

38:41.606N 9:24.975W


Today, Sunday, we looked after James for the day. Kate had one final bit of work to complete, so we offered to look after James so she could concentrate and get it out of the way.


Stephen went over in the tender to pick James up, but due to the outboard cutting out came back alone hence Kate walked James around.


We decided to go for a walk first and headed off to a part of town we had not explored yet. We found the lighthouse museum (which withstood James’s exploring hands), another old house with lots of tiles that may have being a church once, and a park with a mini zoo – well actually lots of rabbits in cages. We also explored the coast line (in other words getting him to run around as much as possible to tire himself out).


In the afternoon we played his favorite game of “top trumps” and started to build our mosquito screen for the companion way. He really is an energetic person.


After he left we had a very very very well deserved beer and an early night.