Cagliari: Festival

Stephen & Anne
Sat 21 Feb 2009 22:35

39.12.059N 9.07.504E


Today, Saturday, we attended the local festival of masks in Cagliari (il Carnevale del Folli). We decided the pictures would say it all….


We were not sure what they represented but the cow bells made lots of noise




Its cold in Cagliari so the latest fashion is sheep skin coats                                                                               Shoe shopping is so exhausting…



This was a festival of masks and this group made a real impact as they walked about


Everyone was willing to pose for photographs



The Pagans arrived at the roundabout…



…and then lit a fire and danced around it in the street (no elf and safety problems here!)


The dancing continues while the traffic jams built up behind them…for once the Italians sat patiently in their cars without hooting


We understood this play quite well…and then realised it was in French!


Meanwhile cartoons depicting the mask festival were projected onto the Bastione di Saint Remy


And finally, the Umpa band played as we dance along with them on the way back home!



The music was very good and very silly (to go with the trousers)