Cat Overboard!

Stephen & Anne
Fri 5 Oct 2007 20:28

Well it had to happen – Yoyo went exploring and ended up 5 boats away….she then tried to back and didn’t realise boats move and drift apart mid jump…..and in she went.


Yoyo bravely, and with good sense, swam back to our boat looking for a way back on board.


In the meantime “Cat Overboard” procedure swung into operation. Anne grabbed the landing net (which is now our best purchase ever) and we eventually netted her as she squealed with indignity.


Cleaning her with fresh water proved not too bad. but she jumped and ended up trapped behind the cooker. Not the best of days for her.


Hopefully she will be less adventurous now. She was wandering far to far.


And if you are wondering what a cat that went overboard looks like……