Bizerte: A quiet day, watching life go by

Stephen & Anne
Sun 14 Jun 2009 16:57

37.16.422N 9.52.817E


On Saturday morning we got up and went to the Internet café; this time we managed to get the photos uploaded onto the blog. On our way back we stopped at the small market and bought some fresh veg.


Back at the boat we did various jobs, repairing trousers, made some wider straps to support the dinghy on the davits and re-charged the batteries. During the sewing session, we watched the drama unfold of the kids in canoes. One young lad flooded and sank his friend’s canoe. What they hadn’t bargained on was the police being out in their rib boat. They were keeping an eye on the boy in the water, which was lucky as he suddenly disappeared under the water. Eventually the police pulled him out of the water. We think he had just got tired as after a while he went back in the water. The police got the other lad (the one who had sunk the canoe) to swim while towing the sunken canoe to the pontoon. The police did help them pull it out of the water. We think it was a very good lesson to make sure the boy’s did not sink canoes again (or at least check for the police being around first).


In the afternoon, for a bit of a break from the jobs, we went for a walk around the marina and treated ourselves to an Ice Cream. One of the waiters at the café (where we got the ice cream) was smoking a sheesha (water pipe).


On Sunday we had a quiet day playing cards, painting and reading and watching the world go by. Tunisia is clearly a favorite option for French sailors as we are been invaded with more and more on a daily basis.


The weather is hot (around 30 C) and is not a problem so long as we slow down in the afternoons.