Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy): Settling into life in Sardinia

Stephen & Anne
Sun 24 Aug 2008 18:56
39.12.072N 9.07.603E

Over the last few days we spent the time settling in to Cagliari.

We installed the paserelle in a slightly different configuration (from the
stern with the dinghy hanging low from the davits as the pontoon is very
low). We then pickled the water maker (this involves pumping chemicals
through the system so nothing nasty grows while we don’t use the
watermaker). Finally we had a quick vacuum inside the boat so it looks tidy

We set of to try to find town and a large supermarket. We succeeded on the
latter and have come to the conclusion there is no real centre (apart from
one row of posh shops along the front). Instead it does appear to be a
sprawling mass of buildings, old and new with shops interspersed everywhere.
We went to the internet café we found the other day for a coffee and a
milkshake (they do rather nice milkshakes). We caught up with world news and
how well team GB are doing in the Olympics.

On the plus side we did find the cats food for sale (the non tuna bits they
eat). The boat now has a current ballast of 22.5Kg of cat food – enough for
about 10 months!  Yoyo here – what about the tuna – I want 10 years supply
on board!!!

One evening we invited the French couple next door for a few drinks and
nibbles. The French like their wine and so do we…. They managed to
successfully get back to their boat without falling in. So a successful