Around Levkada

Stephen & Anne
Sat 20 Aug 2016 13:15

38.40.175N 20.57.337E


We have spent the last few weeks exploring our favorite bays around the Levkada area.


We headed off to Mitikas on the mainland. While anchored off Mitikas we decided to try our waterproof camera in the water. Having read the instructions carefully, into the water we went. It was rather nerve wracking but the camera worked and after giving it a bath in fresh water for 10 minutes afterwards, then allowing it to air dry for a while, we could view the results


Wandering Dragon – the under water view


…… and the propeller


Wandering Dragon in Mitikas with Anne’s toes J


One of the other toys we have been playing with is our Ais unit, which after the latest software upgrade, now has anchor watch on it. When we are at anchor it is good to know you are still in the same spot and that the anchor has not moved or dragged from where we dropped it. We haven’t found a way of accurately marking where we drop the anchor, but after a while of swinging around the display shows us where the anchor is likely to be. It’s been fun watching the etchosketch type picture emerge.


The track of Wanda around Rocky the anchor (Rocky is a Rocna anchor hence his name)


From Mitikas we headed up to Ormos Varko (aka Bungalow bay or one tree bay). Somehow Anne managed to aggravate her back and so was not very mobile. We headed back to Vlikho bay as it was a bit more secure and there were some stronger winds forecast.


We started work on our sun shades. For the past few years we have had some green garden netting for shade, but it’s not the most attractive looking stuff. With the help of Helen from Dakini we came up with a design we thought would work.




The new side shades



The new and the old. We now need to design and make the back panel for shade


After a few days Anne’s back was improving so we moved back to Ormos Varko. It is a much nicer bay and we can swim. Anne finds that swimming helps her back quite a bit. We have also now taken up noodling. Noodles are the long round foam tubes. There are a number of exercies we can do with them, which also help Annes back.


Finally we (well Anne in particualr) has become addicted to Brandi Dog which we have been playing with Dakini…..sorry Helen and Marcel if you are now sick of the game!



Wandering Dragon in the sunset in Ormos Varko.