Lagos -> Vilamoura

Stephen & Anne
Wed 27 Feb 2008 22:04

37:04.630N 8:07.268W


At last we managed to untangle all the Velcro that was holding us in Lagos and set sail. The weather was perfect, blue skys, sunshine, virtually no swell. The wind was a little light hence we needed to use the motor to “help us along”. The coast line near Vilamoura was spectacularly red (see picture).


Unfortunately despite being buffeted by the winds over the last few days our cats have lost their sea legs and were both ill. As soon as we stopped Yoyo was back to her normal self, exploring, looking to see if she can leap across to the boat next door (it is too far for her). Update: As we speak, Yoyo has now jumped onto the pontoon and is off exploring.


The only hitch was that the marina access card was not activated – this meant when I left the pontoon I could not get back in – it was a really long walk to the marina office (around the lagoon). However they did apologise and gave me a lift back on a tender.


All the sunshine and fresh air has worn us out – it will be early night tonight and exploration will have to wait until tomorrow.


Coast near Vilamoura



Vilamoura Marina