Stephen & Anne
Sat 29 Dec 2007 22:42

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


Yesterday evening we noticed the kitchen sink drain pump was not working very efficiently. This morning it wouldn’t work at all – and of course at the time with maximum washing up required after cooking for our guests! So Stephen headed under the sink to find out what was wrong. Slowly unclipping pipes to see if there was a blockage in the pipe or if the pump had failed, it didn’t take too long to find out the pump had failed (impellor was broken).


In between following more pipes in the saloon area we had a two pronged attack at the pump. Stephen fitting the replacement pump while Anne started repairing the old one. As is the way with these things they never go according to plan and take far longer than expected. Although the new pump was identical to the old one, they had “upgraded” it and it now had rubber mounting feet so it would not vibrate as much. A brilliant idea – except it wouldn’t now fit in the same space as the old one. To cut a long story short, it became obvious late in the afternoon we were not going to get either pump installed and working – which meant yesterdays mountain of washing up would not get washed. So we did the only sensible thing and headed out into town for a meal out (a very rare event for us)


Koshka had a quiet day sunbathing on deck as the inside of the boat was in chaos. Meanwhile Yoyo was in her element as new bilge areas opened for her to explore. We now have a new game to play; open a bilge area and clean it before Yoyo cleans it with her fur.


In our usual manner of embracing the local culture we went to an Italian restaurant. It had been recommended to us and lived up to the recommendation. We had a lovely meal, Pizza for Stephen and Salmon pasta for Anne (which must have included most of a whole salmon), followed by a beautiful Chocolate mousse to share.


When we got home we watched a DVD.