Lagos: Christmas Eve

Stephen & Anne
Mon 24 Dec 2007 22:55

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


Today is Christmas eve and once again it was warm and sunny.


This morning Stephen did his Christmas eve broadcasted on channel 77 and gave the final question for the quiz – the tie breaker question.


I had my log set to zero in Ipswich. I sailed along the south coast to Plymouth, then to Cameret Sur Mer, then to La Caruna and finally down the coast of Portugal to Lagos. How many miles is on my log today. Oh, the log failed across Biscay at some point during the storm but I was too ill to notice exactly when it stopped or started


We stayed on the boat all day ready for the deluge of entries as people bought round their quiz answers. We made some mulled wine and each entrant was offered a glass; it seemed like a fun way to meet new people. Well lots of people came around for a drink but not many actually entered. Ah well….the one consolation was that the winner guessed correctly to within 3 miles! And we were on the boat all the time to make sure no one could check and cheat! Mind you the winning boat also left Ipswich and sailed to Lagos. Maybe our log only failed for 3 miles!


In the evening we went around to Day Spring, well to be more accurate to the flat they had rented. Anne took round some homemade mince pies (using home made pastry and home made mince meat). They went down really well. After a while we went to a local bar that has reopened. The band was awful and the wine was awful – we won’t be rushing back.