Back To Work

Stephen & Anne
Tue 18 Jan 2011 10:25

36.22.39N 10.32.69E


On Monday most Tunisians heeded the call to try to go back to work. We heard the brewery will have the next batch of beer ready to be released on Friday. Petrol was delivered today. Buses are running again. Food lorries are starting to deliver again. There is still sporadic looting going on at night in some towns and of course the curfew - but that makes us feel safe. A few demonstrations are still happening in Tunis but elsewhere in the country some sort of normality appears to be returning. The only difference is that after 3pm everyone goes home. Most communities organise there own protection from overnight looters so night times are tense for most Tunisians. The local army/navy/military police – not sure which – are still protecting the marina and hotels in Yasmine.


We read with amusement and disappointment some of the newspaper articles about people scared and holed up in hotels with bullets flying outside. Hummmm, lets just say we walk past these hotels each day as we visit the local people and restaurants to talk to them – we can actually see them from our boat. Last night we had another night of absolute silence.


We seem to have found a new routine living by day only. We wake up for breakfast and showers. Any food shopping is done in the morning. We have started an 11am coffee drinking club (well Stephen doesn’t drink coffee but still attends). We have decided to support the local restaurants that are open and visit a different one each lunchtime. We then go back to the boats around 4pm and settled down to watch some DVDs at night.