Almerimar: Three Cats on Board

Stephen & Anne
Fri 2 May 2008 21:06

36:41.855N 2:47.546W


Today’s blog is by Koshka the ships cat:


I woke up early this morning – I was in the mood for exploring. I’m not sure what it is about this place but it’s got my interest. Mum, Dad and Yoyo all wanted a lie in so I had to wait until mid morning before I could go exploring. Once the hatch was opened both Yoyo and I went out. We had a good look over our boat. I then made the death defying leap onto the boat next to us. The gap between the boats varies quite a bit so I have to time my leaps quite carefully. Mum and Dad are very impressed that I can make it that far (Between you and me I have always been able to jump - I just wanted an easy life so I pretend not to jump so I get carried)


After a bit of exploring I was enjoying some sun on the back deck when we had a visitor. He was a ginger tom cat. I knew there was something about this place. We sat and stared at each other for a while. Then Mum and Dad came on deck and scared him off, spoil sports!! He lives on land but jumps onto the boat 2 away and works his way across the boats. Yoyo wasn’t very impressed; she doesn’t like other cats so she has decided to stay indoors.


Mum and Dad then wanted to go out, so I got pushed below decks again. As soon as they got back from the supermarket I was out again and off exploring. This time I went on both boats either side of us. I checked my usual boat and marked it as mine (rubbing my cheek against things) and then went to the boat the other way and did the same. That has quite an interesting jump up (it’s a motor boat with quite high sides).


During the afternoon the nasty vacuum cleaner came out so I had to hide on deck to keep away from it. I’ve seen the way it sucks up fur – I don’t want to go bald!! After mum and dad had cleaned the boat I went around rubbing things to put my fur back – I think it looks better that way.


Later on the Ginger tom came back to visit. Yoyo really doesn’t like him. He started eating our grass and drinking our water. Dad shooed him off. I hope he comes back again tomorrow.


It was haircutting time again. After such an action packed day I went to catch up on some sleep. Mum is getting quite good at cutting Dad’s hair now.


In the evening Mark from Rafiki came round for dinner. I went off exploring again. Yoyo went into hiding, only coming out for Tuna, and even then she would only eat down below deck. I had my Tuna on the deck which meant I got the whole potion to myself as Yoyo was too scared to come up onto the deck. Later on I went and socialized and even allowed Mark to stroke me. Mum and Dad are confused, they think Yoyo and I have swapped personalities.  


I can’t wait for tomorrow.