Cagliari: Koshka & Yoyo's Story

Stephen & Anne
Sat 27 Sep 2008 13:36

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Koshka & Yoyo's Story


We noticed a gap in the blog so we decided to let everyone know what had happened.


First of all our mum and dad, who we thought loved us to bits – went and left us home alone. On the first day we were not happy at all. I (Yoyo) ran around and pulled all the sheets off the bed while Koshka emptied the litter tray onto the floor. After our first night alone we soon settled down. The nice French couple next door looked after us and fed us both tuna. We soon settled into life alone on the boat. Koshka enjoyed his favourite pastime (sleeping) while I enjoyed the tuna and attention.


After a week mum and dad came back from their “holiday”. I was so happy to see them but Koshka went into a sulk and kept out of the way. They did bring us back a new improved scratching post which we both love. After a few hours we all returned to normal and are very happy again. I get tuna, Koshka gets lots of grooming and the weather is cooler so we can play outside a lot.


We than all spent a week being very lazy, mum and dad recovering from their trip and we were both simply glad they were back.


We also heard a reliable rumour that Duck man of Pyxis is getting nearer which means some extra special meat treats are on their way J