La Caruna

Stephen & Anne
Mon 1 Oct 2007 09:31

43:22.065N 8:23.736W


Well after chilling out with G&T’s on Friday night after the bay crossing, Saturday was a day of leisure. We went for a walk around town, relaxed, and then went to the next G&T party. The party was brilliant but ended early after the second bottle of gin was finished – however we were also “finished” by then so we went to bed. We decided the Norwegian, Petter, must have drunk all the gin as we couldn’t remember drinking any!


Sunday morning was a wet start – the weather is predicted to be bad for a few more days. In the morning we gave the boat a huge clean and did a load of washing. After lunch we went sightseeing. All around La Caruna there are large pieces of art work, some of it is very strange. We took the tram to the Tower of Hercules, which has been the sight of a lighthouse since Roman times. We then went on the tram to the end of the line and walked to the bottom of a cable car. We were not really sure what we would find or how much it would cost but we decided to get in the cable car. At the top there was a park with a lookout observatory, a maze, large cannons/guns and great views of the La Caruno. The best bit was it was all free. The whole day only cost 3 euros each!. 


We returned to the boat at 6:50pm and had to quickly get ready to go to the dinks party we had been invited to earlier at 7:00pm – this life of sailing is hard work! After a few glasses of wine with Kate who lives on her 29’ boat with her 8 yr old son, we headed for a restaurant. In our usual way of embracing the culture of the country we visit (in this case Spain), we went to an Italian restaurant. We returned to be chastised for missing the other G&T party on board another Oyster boat, so we have a mandatory invitation for tomorrow night.


We are meeting lots of people of all nationalities, everyone very friendly and helping each other. It’s a completely different attitude to life than back home with people in the rat race. I think the common experience of being “biscayed” helped.


We hope the weather clears quickly so we can get sailing and dry ourselves out! We can’t take many more G&T’s.