Cagliari: The Revenge of the Fish (on Yoyo)

Stephen & Anne
Thu 4 Sep 2008 08:16

39.12.072N 9.07.603E


Poor Yoyo, while trying to get over her tuna addiction: tonight she sat on deck watching (dreaming of eating) the fish, several all jump out of the water at the same time up towards Yoyo and then back into the water making a large splash. This scared Yoyo who was not expecting the fish to attack her! Her therapy is otherwise going well, she has got though the cold turkey stage and is now doing other things rather than meeeowing for tuna all the time. We will still feed her tuna, just not every day.


Stephen continued servicing the engine. The coolant was changed with no problem, the gear box oil changed ok (once we worked out how to drain the old oil out), and we changed both fuel filters. However bleeding the system was “a bit of a problem” trying to get the last of the air bubbles out of the water separator filter. We will give the engine a good run another day when changing the engine oil to ensure we really do have no air bubbles in the system (we need to run the engine anyway to warm the oil before we change it).


Meanwhile we are trying to find a place to spend winter. The original plan was to stay in Tunisia; we booked months ago but apparently our “confirmed” booking was no good as we didn’t pay a deposit (which we were never asked to pay). Apparently they stopped taking bookings months before we booked (which explains why they didn’t ask for a deposit). All the other marinas in

Tunisia are now full. Experiencing different cultures and how they work is all part of our journey so we don’t mind.


We treated ourselves to a meal out at an Italian pizzeria last night. As expected it was perfect – very very thin pizza but absolutely massive with lots of fresh food (we had tuna, pesto, tomatoes & mozzarella toppings). In case you are wondering, we finally did get fed up of pasta and pesto and our diet is now back to normal, albeit with more fresh pasta than in Spain.