Bayona - The accidental party

Stephen & Anne
Fri 5 Oct 2007 17:35

42:07.35N 8:50.80W


We had all the best intentions of exploring the town and working on the boat today. Rather unfortunately Wandering Dragon had an accidental party last night. We had just finished our starter of tomatoes, mozzarella, olive oil, onion and olives when we boarded by our friends from Mistloe.. We never did have our main course last night


This morning Anne complained she couldn’t actually carry all the empty wine bottles to the bin – I’m not sure if she was still drunk or there were too many bottles.


I remember we did try to bribe the harbor master with drinks to lower the price – but to no avail. Hence we moved the boat to the yacht club today – its only 12eu / night instead of 32eu / night in the main marina – and it has free wifi. We also had the bonus of practicing our stern to moorings using a mooring line.


Yoyo is now an official ships cat – we are not sure which ship as she keeps jumping on to neighboring boats to explore them. Her favorite game is jumping into peoples hatches. Today she was 3 boats away. She has also been exploring the pontoon and discovering the boom is a nice high place to explore – all bets are now off for when she will climb the mast. We have now added a “count cats” to our departure routine. Even Koshka is starting to explore (he’s not left the boat yet).


The weather here is perfect, warm, blue skys and lots of friendly people – exactly what we dreamt of. Maybe tomorrow we will start work on the boat. To be fair we are doing a few fun jobs such as splicing some new rope to the fenders.