Stephen & Anne
Mon 31 Mar 2008 19:05

36:08.940N 5:21.304W


On Sunday the wind changed direction and we started “sailing around” on our berth. After a quick trip to the shops we called it a day and played with the cats, watched DVD’s, read books and generally hung on waiting for the swells to die down. We ended up with another uncomfortable night.


On Monday the sun came out and all was perfect with life!


Yoyo was full of the joys of spring, jumping onto the boat next door (by going to the end of the netting and walking back along the outside of the netting along the narrow toe rail to a narrow bit where she can jump to the next boat). She has also discovered the paserelle. Bets are now being taken as to when she will “walk the plank” onto land.


Meanwhile Stephen & Anne jumped into action. Anne set about (re)making the cover for the base of the mast. This time it was a perfect fit. This helps protect the original cover from UV degradation as well as improve the water proof of this vulnerable area. Stephen fitted new ends to the spinnaker poles (remember outside Dover when he was left holding the pole vertically as the end broke – Stephen still does!). We have also come up with a solution (hopefully) of how to hold the end of the poles while not in use. The stainless steel people are making either


a)       a really useful stainless steel bracket that will be just right and perfect for the job

b)       an expensive piece of “art” as it does not hold the spinnaker poles in place


This evening David and Lisa on Gyatso arrived in Gibraltar (we met them in Lagos). The advance Lagos crowd are now gaining on us. Its time to move on before too many more people catch us up! All we need to do is see the monkeys and wait for the bits for the gear box and instruments, oh and a change to the stainless steel bracket holding the alternator on so the fan belt does not rub against a coolant pipe, oh and a new pulley for the alternator so it does not wear down the fan belt as quickly (the fan belts are too small – changing the pulleys on the engine is not an option as it would mean removing the engine). Other than that we are good to go (oh apart from the wind in the wrong direction for the next week). I guess we will explore Gibraltar some more.




Yoyo stares at the paserelle deciding when to cross


Anne’s smart cover for the base of the mast, and Stephen’s new spinnaker

pole ends (they were changed at the top as well – not shown)