Stephen & Anne
Wed 24 Oct 2007 19:28

38:41.606N 9:24.975W


After encountering the rare phenomenon of rain yesterday we woke up to a sky that wasn’t blue. The handy weather  book said they were “clouds”.


According to Anne’s travel guide to Portugal, Wednesday was market day in Cascais. So far the guide book has not been very accurate. We decided we were feeling lucky and headed off towards the market. It started raining just after we set off. At last the guide book was correct - there was a market. We managed to find some rare items, a basil plant and red onions. (Apparently the Portuguese don’t use basil in cooking – so they don’t grow it. We are not too sure why they lack red onions). We then went to the hypermarket to look for a new vacuum cleaner. However they all looked far too large for the boat. Koshka can sleep easy another day.


After lunch Anne sat in the sun on deck and finished off whipping the warps.


Koshka & Yoyo had a lazy day sleeping. Yoyo was obviously missing the children on the boat next door (they had gone to Lisbon for the day). When they returned home she shot up onto the deck to greet them back.


After dinner we went over to see Jen and Chris on Mistletoe, and after a quick drink headed back home. During this time the wind had picked up and Koshka & Yoyo weren’t very happy with the howling wind. However we realised this wind was actually perfect for sailing (15-20 kn). Maybe the wind sounds worse in marinas.